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It has been revealed why Instagram star Skye Wheatley turned down an offer to party with self-proclaimed king of the social media platform, Dan Bilzerian.

The former Big Brother Australia contestant was presented with the chance to spend 4th of July weekend with Bilzerian, but turned the notorious playboy’s offer down.

23-year-old Wheatley explained to Daily Mail Australia that in the end the offer didn’t sit well with her, particularly after giving Bilzerian a Google.

Watching the game

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She said:

At first I thought, “Yeh, ok.” Who doesn’t want to get paid to go to a party, but then I googled him and realised he was like Candyman and I thought it was a bit dodgy.

Screenshots of her correspondence with one of Bilzerian’s publicists have since made its way online.

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Wheatley added:

They sent me the contract so I could have a look over it and they were sending me emails but I just didn’t reply. I just felt it was dodgy and I became worried I wouldn’t be safe.

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Bilzerian has a cult following of 16.5 million people on Instagram, and while 255,000 is only a fraction of that figure, Wheatley is hardly struggling.

Fair play to her.

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